Sunday, April 2, 2017

Alabama Division SCV Education Conference 2017

The Alabama Division SCV Education Conference was held on Saturday March 25th at the Doster Center.  It was again a very successful event thanks to the leadership and planning of Commander Jimmy Hill, 1st Lt. Commander Carl Jones and many others. Prattville Dragoons attended including Commander Stuart Waldo who had the pleasure of his nephew there also, Robert Young, Bill and Peggy Myrick, Larry Spears, Louis Turner Sr. and his son Louis Jr., Sam Reid, and Tyrone Crowley. 

A roster of great speakers included Ronald Kennedy, Donald Kennedy, Brion McClanahan and Thomas Dilorenzo (pictured below left to right). It was a treat hearing the presentations to inspire us to advance the Charge and in getting to fellowship some with friends from across the Division and elsewhere.  Terry Arthur from Mississippi presented Commander Waldo with a custom hand-painted and stained pine sign for the Dragoons in appreciation for helping to host the event in Prattville. 

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