Monday, April 10, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Spring Picnic

SCV Camp 1524 had an outstanding annual picnic at Confederate Memorial Park on Saturday, 1 April. Flags were set on all the veterans and widows graves, camp officers were sworn in for the coming year, several Confederate flags which had become unserviceable were ceremoniously retired, everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal with all the side dishes and desserts furnished by the camp members and we heard the inspiring music from the Camp 1921 String Band of Tallassee. It was a splendid day in Dixie with perfect weather and plenty of good Confederate fellowship to go around. Special guests Division Commander Jimmy Hill and Division 2nd Lt. Commander Randall Hughey along with Brigade Commander Butch Godwin joined us and celebrated the occasion with the Dragoons. We utilized Pavilion number 3 at Confederate Memorial Park which is the newest one with lighting and restrooms, for our picnic and the setting was perfect. Assistant Brigade Commander Bill Myrick swore in the camp officers for 2017-2018 including Commander Stuart Waldo, 1st Lt. Commander Harold Grooms, 2nd Lt. Commander George Jenks, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Treasurer Billy Leverette and Chaplain Tom Snowden.  Several Confederate flags that had been declared unserviceable were retired in a solemn ceremony which was coordinated by 1 Lt. Commander Harold Grooms. These flags were some which had been placed at Confederate veterans graves at cemeteries throughout the local community and had weathered over the past year.  Commander Waldo officiated the ceremony while Compatriot Edward Morgan assisted with the flag retirement. Other Dragoons were in formation as the ceremony took place.  A delicious BBQ meal was served to those gathered for the event. Dixie butts from the Dragoons annual fundraiser were donated by Dragoons Skip Ward and Bill Hamner. Camp stew was provided by 1st Lt Harold Grooms and Karl Wade.  No one went away hungry with all the good BBQ and all the delicious sides and desserts!  The final event of the Dragoon picnic was entertainment by the fantastic Tallassee Camp 1921 String Band. They performed in the CMP chapel not far from the pavilion.  Wonderful music and an outstanding job including a rousing rendition of Dixie!

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