Monday, May 22, 2017

Dragoons of SCV Camp 1524 Participate in Prattville Cityfest

A number of Dragoon members participated in the Prattville City Fest event on Saturday May 13th and were well rewarded for their efforts. An unbelievable amount of contacts were made with an appreciative public who, one after another, opened up about their love for our Confederate heritage and their thankfulness that the Sons of Confederate Veterans and he Prattville Dragoons are there for them helping to advance the Cause and preserve Southern heritage. As always happens in public ventures in which the Dragoons participate, it is like a dam breaks and the public rushes to us to express their love for this period of history and their gallant ancestors who fought for Liberty. A number of men expressed interest in joining the SCV and learning more about their ancestors.

Many thanks to all who worked so hard to set up and take down the exhibits plus interact with the public. Pictured below you see several scenes from the day at the Dragoons' booth. Our exhibit garnered a lot of attention and many sales of Quartermaster items including Confederate flags and tote bags. We also gave out a few hundred mini Battle Flags, SCV coins, Alabama Division educational posters, and free literature.  The day was very enjoyable, successful and worth the effort. 

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