Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Indian Hill Cemetery Workday

SCV Camp 1524 members Tyrone Crowley, Quartermaster Bill Myrick, 1st Lt Harold Grooms and Camp Commander Stuart Waldo participated in a cemetery workday at Indian Hill cemetery in Prattville on Saturday morning May 20th.  All arrived and commenced work even before the 8am start time in order to beat  the heat.  Tyrone Crowley used his weed trimmer and lopping shears all along the frontage and perimeter fence line.  Harold, Bill and Stuart mowed the cemetery, knocking down the spring flowers and grass among the trees and graves in the historic cemetery.  Commander Waldo also used some diluted bleach to clean the mildew from the vinyl fencing posts and slats at the cemetery entrance.  This cleanup was the latest in dozens of such workdays conducted by the camp in the past few years as the Dragoons have adopted the cemetery as part of the SCV Guardian Program including a cemetery rededication in April 2015.

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