Thursday, July 6, 2017

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for July 2017

This month begins with Independence Day commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the Continental Congress declaring the separation of the thirteen American colonies from Britain and the establishment of the United States of America.  It may also be recognized as the turning point in the War for Southern Independence with the defeat of Confederate forces at Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg.  This was a pivotal period in the fight our Confederate ancestors embraced in their efforts to defend their homes and preserve the sovereignty and liberty guaranteed or at least envisioned by our nation’s founding fathers, the framers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July, to thank all our veterans for their service, and encourage everyone to observe the holiday in commemoration of both the sacrifices our nation’s founders made in standing to overthrow the bonds of imperialism to found our great nation and our Confederate ancestors made fighting to preserve these same principles and ideals.  Your Camp 1524 Dragoons will again participate in the Prattville July 4th parade to prominently celebrate this holiday with our friends and neighbors.

The reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg was held July 1st thru the 3rd and new battles threatened to reignite the hostilities 154 years after this battle of the WBTS.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans made an important appearance presenting the Confederate Battle Flag to honor the fallen Confederate soldiers with demonstration permits for Meade’s Headquarters and a march between the North Carolina and Veterans monuments.  Antifa protestors were anticipated and threatened to burn and desecrate Confederate flags as part of their anarchistic agenda to advance their socialist violent opposition to our Constitutional liberties.  Fortunately many SCV members and others stood to confront these Antifa thugs and to protect the monuments at Gettysburg honoring those who sacrificed their all in the great struggle against Lincoln’s imperialist federalist aggressors.  News reports late on July 1st  recounted no altercations and no Antifa counterdemonstrations and Antifa in Pennsylvania indicated they instead intended to demonstrate against the current administration in Philadelphia.  Refreshingly, mainstream media outlets such as proclaimed SCV representatives and heritage defenders were “Honoring History” in article headline links. While this was a victory for freedom of speech in honoring our Confederate ancestors, recent battles have been decidedly less successful with progressive revisionists ripping down historic monuments across the nation and infringements on our rights to display the Battle Flag.  

It is imperative that we take every opportunity to advance the Cause in today’s political climate which threatens to erase all vestiges of our Southern heritage and attempts to reshape our very nation at the expense of our personal liberties and state sovereignty. The Cause is very relevant today.  Many SCV members are embracing the Charge on the front line confronting these progressives and anarchists. It is imperative that we as Sons of Confederate Veterans do all we can to support efforts to preserve our Confederate history and Southern heritage and this is the time of the year when it is most clear what we should do to vindicate and advance the Cause and defend the good name and honor due our Confederate ancestors as the Charge implores us.  This is the time of the year when we should renew our SCV membership which is the single most important thing we should do to continue this good and noble fight.  Your dues are used at the local camp, state Division and national levels for education and defense efforts as well as charitable and promotional work to further the Charge. It is also the start of our camp’s annual Dixie Butt fundraiser which is the primary means employed by the Dragoons to raise funds for all our worthwhile activities from cemetery commemorative flagging, community promotions including parade and festival entries, heritage preservation including flag conservation, and educational programs and recognition.  I want to personally implore everyone to renew and maintain their memberships in this worthwhile heritage organization especially in this critical period in our nation’s history where our Southern ideals and the virtues of our Confederate ancestors and the principles they embraced and personified are under attack.  Now is also the time to consider contributing to our camp’s Dixie Butt fundraiser for local camp SCV activities as well as contributions for the national SCV museum, flag funds and heritage defense to advance the Cause.  

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