Saturday, July 8, 2017

SCV Dragoons Participate in Prattville's Independence Day Parade

The Prattville Dragoons, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 were well represented in the Prattville Independence Day parade held on 4 July 2017.   The parade started at 9am and rolled down Court Street to Main Street and Northington Street.  Twelve camp members and family participated and were very well received by the citizens who lined the streets. Approximately 500 mini-Battle Flags, hundreds of SCV coins and bags of candy were tossed to the spectators who mobbed participants clamoring for flags in particular.  Commander Waldo furnished a golf cart and his purple Dodge Charger Scat Pack for the entry and some Dragoons walked the route.  Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beginning of our Independence Day festivities.  The Dragoons celebrate Independence Day as patriotic Americans and also to commemorate the Second War for (Southern States) Independence.  Just as the Revolutionary War was led by Virginia's statesmen and most of the battles of that War were fought on Southern soil, so the War Between the States was fought for the right of the sovereign states to secede as Southerners defended their homes and families against the imperialist federal government and invading Union army. 

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