Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alabama Division Reunion - Stand for Truth and Righteousness

Last Saturday, May 21st, members of SCV Camp 1524 attended the annual convention of the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  In attendance were Chris Booth, Tyrone Crowley, Tom Snowden, Bill Myrick and Stuart Waldo.  After colors were posted and pledges stated, prior to the business portion a representative from the United Daughters of the Confederacy spoke and encouraged wives to join that group, a parallel organization to the SCV.  A "Real Son" was introduced to those assembled, ninety year old Mr. Dean.  Amazing that this SCV member is an actual son of a Confederate Veteran - I will blog further about those dwindling numbers of Real Sons who provide a glimpse into 19th century and Confederate history on future posts.  A presentation was made of one of the flags which was raised at the state capital at the Sesquicentennial celebration for the inauguration which was held in Montgomery in April.  Gen.S.D.Lee's charge was recited.  The Division Chaplain then reported encouraging everyone to stand for the truth against the media citing Isaiah 6, "Do not call evil good and good evil."  Although most would find the institution of slavery to be abhorrent, it is not evil or sinful as the Bible neither condemns nor endorses it. He provided the analogy that although mistreatment of slaves existed, so do beatings and cruelty in bad marriages and yet no one would condemn the entire institution of marriage for what a few despicable people do.  Interestingly, some today question the legitamcy and worth of the family unit but one can perhaps coincidentally recognize the fall from greatness with which our country is imminently faced.  He closed in saying that God vindicates righteousness and that although the South may have lost the War, God takes the long view.  There was a revival in the South during these War years and many tens of thousands of soldiers were saved.  Of course great Christian men like Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee provided legendary role models for the entirety of the Confederacy to espouse and admire.  This legacy endures today as the South is still referred to as the Bible Belt and the social mores of the Southern culture contrasts with that of the liberal secular North (and Pacific coast).  The Chaplain recommended Lee on Leadership as suggested reading.  Following posts will provide further details on the convention.

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