Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dragoons at the Prattville Cityfest

The Prattville Dragoons manned their booth at the Cityfest thru afternoon temperatures in the upper 80s but it was a good day.  Dragoons who helped on Friday and/or Saturday or stopped by to lend support included Wayne Sutherland, Tom Snowden, Stuart Waldo, Tyrone Crowley, Bill Myrick, Harold Grooms, Karl Wade, Wyatt Willis, Larry Miller, and Tyler Suttle.  Over a dozen people signed the sheet requesting further information about the camp and the Sons of Confederate Veterans - prospective members.  Interest is high right now certainly due in part to a recognition that we are celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the founding of the Confederate States of America and the War for Southern Independence.  The Communications Officer has emailed each of these folks and is inviting them to our monthly camp meeting at Shoney's and we need to encourage them and make them feel welcome as they definitely are.  Literature, CDs and posters were made available to anyone who was interested and many certainly were.  Many small battle flags were also handed out to children and other Cityfest attendees and it was great seeing these waving in the breeze on Main Street of downtown Prattville.  Below are some photographs from the Cityfest.

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