Monday, October 29, 2012

I-65 Confederate Battle Flag Committee Chair

After three years of chairing the Sons of Confederate Veterans Alabama Division I-65 Flag Committee, Compatriot Alan Pattillo of Verbena has passed the reins to our own Prattville Dragoons Past Commander Larry Spears.  Larry has moved to the task effectively, and in his first three or so days has renewed communication with the committee, inventoried flags, and very importantly, since this was the chief concern of late, has replaced burned out bulbs at the Flag site.  

            Committee members Billy Parker, Stan Stuckey, Alan Parker, Bill Myrick, and Tyrone Crowley have indicated their willingness to support Larry in whatever way they can.  Alan Parker is a valued member of the committee due to his expertise in landscaping and horticultural topics.  Billy and Stan are important because they live near the site and can be there in a few minutes for emergencies such as when bad weather threatens the Flag.  Dragoons 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo provided Larry with information about a large outdoor silhouette nativity scene for the committee to consider to draw attention to the flag during the holiday season and to highlight the strong Christian influence in the Confederacy and the Cause.

            Thank you, Commander Spears, for stepping forward in this very important capacity.

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