Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wreaths in Selma's Live Oak Cemetery Confederate Circle

Letter distributed by Pat Godwin, President of the UDC chapter 53.


It is my contention that as President of Selma Chapter 53, it is my honor, duty and privilege to answer the statement of purpose of the defend & protect the good name of the Confederate soldier; to educate the masses the TRUE history of our noble cause...and to decorate the graves of our beloved Confederate Dead with WREATHS, garlands, flowers &  tributes.  On Monday, 01 Oct, 2012 I placed two identical WREATHS...made of grapevine and adorned with our Southern Magnolia Blossoms...with a BIG white bow attached at the top...these WREATHS were placed at the TWO mass graves of the 156 soldiers that lie under the CSA marble pedestal & urn...located at the SouthEast corner of Confederate Circle and the NorthWest corner of Confederate Circle...I have not been to town yet today...but they were untouched on late Tues...I went to Prattville yesterday so I did not go into the Kingdom...I will check on them today...

I felt that if the City of Selma was going to issue such a threat to the UDC and violate our Constitutional rights...then I must  meet their challenge by placing these WREATHS at the graves of the 156 Confederate those valiant ladies did in April 1866 in Raleigh rising to the challenge of forming a processional in the town square to march to the cemetery to lay their WREATHS, garlands, & flowers on the graves of their beloved Confederate dead...under the threat of the reconstruction military be fired upon with bayonetted muskets...the ladies marched on....NOT A SHOT WAS FIRED...NOT ONE BAYONETTE THRUST  INTO THE BODY OF ONE SOUTHERN LADY!

Deo Vindice!

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin, Pres
Selma Chapter 53, UDC

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