Monday, October 8, 2012

Race Baiters, Race Haters, and the Gullible Public, White and Black

Email letter received in Prattville Dragoons camp distribution from an anonymous contributor. 

"Race Baiters, Race Haters, and the Gullible Public, White and Black"
"How to Make an Easy Buck From Stupid People"

  Well PT Barnum way back in the 1860's was once supposed to have said: "there's a sucker born every minute." Actually, it was said by his rival David Hannum, but that's another story. However, it seems that we still have folks 150 years later who make their living by taking advantage of the ignorance and gullibility of their fellow man. A case in point is the recent non-controversy created by the race hater and race baiter Rose Sanders of Selma, Alabama. 
  It seems that there is a group of white folks in Selma who are just as proud of their history and heritage as Ms. Sanders seems not to be of her own. Several years ago the white folks, formed a non-profit historical honor society, and through a lot of hard work in honest fund raising, managed to raise enough money to have a sculptor fashion a statue of the famous military genius and Confederate War hero Nathan Bedford Forrest. (last defender of Selma in the late unpleasantness) The finished life-sized Bronze Bust of Gen. Forrest was placed on a 5-1/2 ton granite pedestal in an obscure side courtyard of the Confederate museum in Selma ( A former Confederate Hospital during the War between the states) 
  Ms. Sanders, a known racist and Martin Luther King wannabee, saw an opportunity to create divisiveness between her race and white Southerners. The same game that Morris Dees, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, among others are so adept at playing to gain sympathy from the ignorant and gullible of both races, and get them to hand over donations for a fictional cause that they created.  Ms. Sanders on the day before the dedication of the bust railed against the bust and succeeded in getting news coverage of her outrageous and totally of-base claims about Gen. Forrest and his war record. Her influence on other uneducated and ignorant people (or perhaps money paid to them?) prompted a group of Black agitators to show up at the dedication the next day whom were shot on video during the dedication of the monument harassing the speakers and emptying sacks of garbage on the statue, and generally making a nuisance of themselves while showing their ignorance.
  Eventually, she created such a furor that the Selma City Council and Mayor at that time voted to have the statue removed from the museum grounds to the Old Live Oak Cemetery. Then, the City of Selma without permission from the owners of the bust, and without any of the, required by law, survey work that is necessary to erect a monument in a historic cemetery, used a tow truck to lift the nearly 6 ton granite monument and transport it to what is known as Confederate Circle in the center of historic Old Live Oak Cemetery. This piece of ground was given to the Ladies Memorial Association (which is now the UDC) by the City of Selma in 1877 and has numerous graves of known and unknown Confederate soldiers that were interred there after the war.
  The United Daughters of the Confederacy were never asked by anyone for their permission to use their land for the monument either! However, because Gen. Forrest is one of their own heroes, and because they are gracious well-mannered Southern Ladies and did not want any more controversy, they just accepted it, and made no fuss about it.
  The bust of  Gen. Forrest reposed there as a tribute to the great General for his efforts to save Selma from the Yankee invaders in 1865 and as an additional tribute to the Confederacy within Confederate Circle. For nearly twelve years it was visited by hundreds of tourists and spectators and reenactors attending the annual "Battle of Selma" reenactment each spring, until the spring of 2012, when Racist Rose began a series of tirades on her racist radio station railing against the bust, and implying that some of her ignorant followers should remove it. 
  Apparently one or more of her audience took her up on it, for the bust mysteriously turned up missing in March of 2012. A $20,000.00  reward has since brought forth a name, and circumstantial evidence, in the criminal investigation, pointing towards one of Ms. Racist Rose's close acquaintances, (imagine that!!)
  Meanwhile the "Friends of  Forrest" historical honor society, have had another Forrest bust cast from the original artist's mold (costing nearly $9000.00) and have hired a contractor who jumped through all the legal hoops in the way of necessary permits from the city and state and local historical commissions, and with permission, this time, of the UDC who owns the property, began a beautiful enhancement of Confederate Circle to restore some of the older artifacts and make it into and even nicer tribute to the Confederate War dead, Gen. Forrest, and even some WWI Vets who are honored there. The plan for the enhancement was to make the entire Confederate Circle even more attractive than it was before the theft of the bust occurred., and also to make the area handicapped accessible, and the new bust more secure from vandalism and theft.
  Just before the contractor was finished pouring the necessary concrete foundations for the project, Racist Rose showed up with a crew of about 14 un-educated, ignorant, and very militant Black agitators who even used their children and babies, putting them in potentially dangerous places on the construction site, in an effort to harass the crew and keep them from completing the work. 
  The local police were called, and were ordered by the Selma Chief of Police to stand by and  watch as the criminal activity continued. There was absolutely no action taken by local law enforcement to prevent the racist agitators from obstructing the work of the contractor and terrorizing his crew.  For those who want to see this ignorance in full living color it may be watched on youtube at:
  The contractor was told by more than one of the terrorists that they were hired and paid by Racist Rose to come from other states to terrorize the construction crew. One even told the contractor that if he would pay him he would leave! Aside from Racist Rose, and her equally racist family, the terrorists were not rank and file Selma Folks. 
  It is also worth noting that Racist Rose's Husband, an Alabama state senator, was equally culpable in this criminal activity and made more than one appearance spouting racist hate and bringing shame upon his stature as a senator, and shame on the state of Alabama for allowing such ignorant and criminal activities to continue and go unpunished. 
  Which brings us to the two prime questions that must be asked: If Racist Rose and her entourage were busily engaged in the construction of a monument to the communist womanizer, and plagiarizer, Martin Luther King, on private property, and a group of White Folks tried to interfere and terrorize the construction crew, what would the local or state authorities have done?? and....How much money can we suppose has been sent in the way of donations by equally ignorant Whites and Blacks to the coffers of Racist Rose and Company who have been sucked into the ridiculous and ignorant Non-Cause that she has created. 
  The Civil Rights of minorities were won, over 50 years ago, and we have had laws on the books that go far beyond protecting them for over 50 years. There is no Civil Rights issue at the cemetery in Selma, Alabama, except in the mind of an ignorant black woman who claims to be a lawyer, and who has found a way to fleece equally ignorant folks who are too dumb to know any better. It's way past time for some Civil Rights for Whites!

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