Friday, April 26, 2013

Dragoons Commemorate Confederate Memorial Day in Prattville

The Prattville Dragoons commemorated Confederate Memorial Day on Monday April 22nd at the Dragoons monument at the Prattville Primary School on Washington St.  The Dragoons program at 6pm followed another at the state capitol at 10am that morning which was hosted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The program at the capitol was outstanding as described by Dragoons Larry Spears who was in attendance who indicated there were approximately 100 people there. The following was the account of the Dragoons ceremony by Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley:

Dragoon Memorial Service

Chaplain Snowden provided inspiring pre-program music, Commander Waldo did a fine job of leading his first memorial service as our Commander, and 1Lt Cmdr Grooms presented a history of Confederate Memorial Day in his usual polished manner.  Next, Lt Commanders Grooms and Booth set the wreath at the old Dragoon Monument, and our Reenactor Liaison Paul Whaley presented a salute by a six-man Honor Guard which he recruited.

            However, attendance was sparse.  If you were not present, you need to ask yourself why.  The ceremony is held in Prattville at 6 pm so those who work can attend.  If you didn't have a good reason not to be there, consider showing more support for your officers and more dedication to answering the SCV Charge.  What would your Confederate ancestor say, if he could speak to you?
Dragoons Commander Stuart Waldo's Address at the Confederate Memorial Day Program
1st Lt Harold Grooms Provides a History of Confederate Memorial Day

1st Lt Grooms and 2nd Lt Chris Booth Set the Memorial Wreath
Col. Paul Whaley and the Reenactors Present Arms

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