Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Flag Setting at Confederate Memorial Park

As part of the Dragoons annual spring picnic, flags were set at the Confederate cemeteries at the Confederate Memorial Park in Mountain Creek AL on Saturday morning, April 13th at 9am.  The flag setting at Confederate Memorial Park is part of the Dragoons observance of Confederate Heritage Month which culminates with Confederate Memorial Day which will be celebrated on April 22nd this year.  The flag setting throughout Confederate Heritage Month is one of the most important activities which the Prattville Dragoons annually conduct as part of their mission in following the SCV Charge.

It was a fabulous morning, a cool clear spring morning.  The rains a day prior softened the ground and allowed for the flags to be placed at each Confederate veterans tombstone with ease.  Hundreds of flags were placed at the graves and they looked beautiful when the wind stiffened them to attention.  The brilliant crimson Battle Flags contrasted with the green spring grass and white tombstones of these Confederate heroes.  This from

Confederate Memorial Park is a moving tribute to the men and boys that took up arms in defense of their home state during the War Between the States. Located on the site of Alabama's Old Soldiers Home for Confederate Veterans, the 102 acre park includes a museum, research facility and library, historic structures, ruins and two cemeteries containing over 200 Confederate soldiers. The home was founded by Montgomery lawyer Jefferson M. Faulkner, a Confederate veteran, to provide a comfortable home for his aging comrades. The complex operated from 1902 to 1939 and grew to 22 buildings.  in addition to cottages for the residents, there was a hospital, administration building, mess hall and dairy barn. At its height, the home was the residence of 91 Confederate veterans and 19 widows of veterans. 

Cemetery at Confederate Memorial Park
Setting Flags at Confederate Memorial Park Cemetery

Adjutant Wayne Sutherland with a Few of the Battle Flags
Brigade Commander Bill Myrick and Nephew at Flag Setting

Larry Spears and Grandson Nate at Confederate Memorial Park Pavilion

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