Monday, April 1, 2013

Dragoons Set Flags on Confederate Veterans Graves at Oak Hill Cemetery in Prattville March 30th

Saturday morning March 30th, the Dragoons again accomplished their annual setting of flags at the graves of Confederate soldiers buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Prattville.  The task of reverence is quickly finished and provided an opportunity to fellowship on a beautiful spring morning and Chaplain Snowden led the men in a prayer as part of the occasion.

            Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, the key man in this project, showed up with highlighted charts which make locating graves a simple task of getting oriented as to section of the cemetery, then counting graves and rows to locate the Confederate's grave.  Usually there's still a faded flag from last year, to mark the spot; these old flags are taken up and burned at Confederate Memorial Park).   To give us some good old-fashioned Southern energy, Wayne also provided a dozen warm glazed yeast donuts brought fresh from the baker; these were supplemented by donut holes from Chaplain Tom Snowden, coffee from 1Lt Cmdr Harold Grooms, and brownies from Comm Officer Tyrone Crowley.

            Dragoon Louis Turner gets special recognition for being the only Dragoon who is not a member of the Executive Committee (i.e. not obligated to be there) present at this important event which answers the SCV Charge to honor and perpetuate the good name of the Confederate Soldier.  Brigade Commander Bill Myrick sent regrets for being down with the flu, and Past Commander Larry Spears also lamented by email being obligatorily out of town (first time he has missed).

            Dragoons present took flags with them to mark graves at Old Kingston, Rocky Mount, Robinson Springs, Shelby County, and other cemeteries where they have ancestors buried, all in preparation for April, Confederate History and Heritage Month.
Dragoon Flag Setters at Oak Hill Cemetery
Battle Flags Set on Confederate Veteran Graves at Oak Hill

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