Friday, January 31, 2014

A Visit to Marietta's Confederate Cemetery Part 3

In 1908 the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected the obelisk monument at the Marietta Confederate Cemetery.  It stands high above the southern entrance to the Confederate section of the Marietta Cemetery and is bordered by a small wrought iron fence.  A State of Georgia historic marker and a kiosk providing some historical information about the cemetery including details of Bill Yopp stand nearby as does a gazebo.  A granite monument adjacent to the gazebo, which I almost failed to notice has the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America engraved on it with a visitor's log inside a heavy weather proof box.  I made sure to sign the guest registry to include SCV Camp 1524.
The South Entrance to the Confederate Section of the Marietta Cemetery
The Obelisk UDC Confederate Monument and Information Kiosk for the Cemetery
The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America
The monument has inscriptions on all sides.  One reads, "To the 3000 soldiers in this cemetery from every Southern state who fell on Georgia soil in defense of Georgia Rights and Georgia Homes."  Another side displays the Confederate Battle Flag and reads, "For though conquered they adore it. Love the cold dead hands that bore it." And, "To those who died for a sacred Cause and to those who lived to win a nobler victory in time of peace."  Throughout the cemetery, monument inscriptions caused one to stop and remember. to shed a tear thinking of these brave honorable soldiers who died for the Cause.
Inscriptions on the Monument Recognizing the UDC and the 3000 Soldiers, Defenders of Georgia
Inscriptions on the Monument including the Battle Flag and the Noble Cause

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