Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chaplain's Column for January 2014

Chaplain Tom Snowden's column from the most recent addition of the Prattville Dragoons Camp Dispatch:

Chaplain’s Column:  End Times?  Let's Speak Our Piece
            I suppose everyone reading this has already removed the tree, thrown away all those present wrappings, and has just about finished eating all the leftover food. Now it is time to settle in for the New Year.
            I pray when we made those New Year resolutions, we thought about including the Lord in on some of them. One thing I have noticed during the past year is the continued attack on Christianity. One of the attacks most noticeable to me is on the phrase "Merry Christmas" in attempt to replace it with "Happy Holidays", plus the Duck Dynasty Controversy that had almost stopped me from eating at my favorite food chain. I am hoping that we join together as Christians, regardless of the name over the door of the church you attend, and start voicing our opinions about these things before it is too late.
            I have heard many Christians say that it’s just a sign of the End Times. The way I look at this is, I refuse to roll over and allow these things to happen without doing something.  It is clear to me that the end is near, but I don’t think the Lord expects us to just give up. We have a job to do for the Lord, and that is to continue witnessing and sharing the good news about Christ.  Just looking in the Bible, you may notice that the United States is not mentioned in the End Days.
            One may ask, What can I do?  Well for one, we can notify those participating in this Christian-bashing that most of us don't agree with them. We now live in an age of computers, with the internet just a keystroke away. That means with Facebook, Twitter and other media available, we can easily notify these offenders of our feelings, that we intend to stop listening to their network or trade with their business. Let’s stand strong Christians and not just roll over and allow this to happen.
            Let’s all try to make this year the best yet for the Dragoons. It would be so good to see more members at monthly business (Executive Committee) meetings and more participation in activities throughout the year. Don’t forget to tell others about our organization and encourage people to join. Let’s don’t forget those on our prayer list below:
            Please pray for the following:

1.     David Brantley's wife Jennifer
2.     Allen Herrod
3.     John Durden's son (David Fail) TIA
4.     JJ Oakley
5.     James Whittington - Back surgery, pain and needs to return to job

6.      Harry Rawlinson - Long-time Dragoon member is recovering from a heart attack.
7.     Remember Dragoon member James Little's family for his passing. 
Note: Some of the ones on our prayer list have been removed. If you feel like they should remain please contact me and I will be glad to put them back on the list.

Yours In Christ,
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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