Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dragoons Participate in the Millbrook Mardi Gras Parade 2014

The Prattville Dragoons placed an entry in the Millbrook Mardi Gras Parade hosted by the Revelers on Saturday February 22nd.  The Dragoon entry consisted of a cart decorated with Mardi Gras tinsel as well as Confederate Battle Flags, a Third National and a Bonnie Blue flag.  Dragoons Commander Stuart Waldo, Brigade Commander Bill Myrick, Quartermaster David Brantley, Larry Spears, Danny Smyth, James Spears, and Tyrone Crowley participated along with Commander Waldo's wife Kerri and daughter Brooke walking in period dress and children Julie and Cooper riding on the cart tossing candy, beads and moon pies; Commander Myrick's wife Peggy also walked with our entry.  Parade spectators clamored for the SCV coins and mini Battle Flags, many times running out into the street and the parade route to grab a flag. As usual, the Battle Flags were so popular that the 144 flags brought to the parade disappeared midway down the parade route. The Dragoons drew cheers and applause all along the route, as the crowd noticed our banner and flags, and heard Dixie pouring out of Treasurer Billy Leverette's great new P.A. system speaker. The Dragoons entry was announced at the review stand and garnered a roar from the huge crowd. A very enjoyable Saturday getting the Battle Flag out in front of the Millbrook community.  
Commander Waldo and Quartermaster Brantley Carry the Camp Banner Leading the Dragoons Parade Entry

Tyrone and James in the Dragoons Cart Decorated with Tinsel and Flags and Peggy Retrieving More Moon Pies

Larry, Kerri and Brooke in Period Dress Cheered by Parade Spectators
Danny Carrying the Confederate First National Flag at the Millbrook Mardi Gras Parade

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