Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dragoons Participate In Shelby County Celebration

"Becoming Alabama" is a statewide partnership for planning and promotion of commemorative activities to observe the anniversaries of three major periods in Alabama History: The Bicentennial of the Creek War and War of 1812, the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, and the Civil Rights movement.  The Prattville Dragoons' own Tyrone and Carol Crowley portrayed President-Elect Jefferson Davis and First Lady Varina Davis as the central part of a ceremony held Sunday 2 February at the Shelby County Historical Society meeting in Columbiana.  Southwest Central Brigade Commander Bill Myrick, dressed in a very handsome Confederate officer's uniform, took the part of Colonel George Jones, President Davis's bodyguard and aide.  The meeting room was packed to capacity as President Davis, Colonel Jones, other Confederate dignitaries, plus a number of reenactors from the 31st Alabama Infantry who served as the Presidential Escort, entered and proceeded to the front, where the President gave his Inaugural Address.  Several surplus reenactors were in attendance, along with members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
            Note from Brigade Commander Myrick:  Tyrone Crowley's presentation of President Davis's inaugural speech has become more polished with time.  He delivered the speech with all the dignity and poise of a seasoned politician, the main difference being this one was speaking the truth.  It was my honor to act as Colonel George Jones, the President's bodyguard.  The President and First Lady were swamped with the usual requests to pose for pictures with those in attendance, including some young Mormon missionaries from Utah, Oregon, and Washington state.  The event was covered by the Shelby County Reporter, and photos can be found on the Shelby County Historical Society's Facebook page and on the Facebook page of 31st Alabama Reenactor Pete Smith.
President Davis' Entourage at Columbiana

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