Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Confederate History and Heritage Month Billboard Advertisement

The Prattville Dragoons purchased space on 2 digital billboards in the Prattville area to announce Confederate History and Heritage Month. They are located at or near Memorial Dr. and E. Main St. and I-65 and Hwy 14. The message which includes the SCV logo are on digital billboards and will rotate with other messages but will have several thousand potential views during the month. Take a look at them when you are in the area and take pride in the positive exposure of the Sons of Confederate Veterans!

The SCV logo shows up exceptionally well on the bright red background and of course includes our beloved Battle Flag. We thank Brigade Commander David Brantley for obtaining Alabama Division Brigade advertising funds to help the camp with the expense of these billboards. Thanks to Treasurer Leverette for the fantastic idea and the Executive Committee for executing the design and details. 

April is our Confederate History and Heritage month to celebrate and promote the Confederacy and the heroes it produced, including your and my ancestors. This is a great opportunity to attend memorial events, decorate graves of veterans and explain to people why you believe in the Confederacy and what it stood for. We are all encouraged to remember our Confederate ancestors in some positive manner in April.

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