Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Annual Picnic

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 had a very spirited annual picnic on Saturday April 4th at Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury AL. The day was highlighted with excellent Confederate fellowship, outstanding food, glorious music and the honor of flagging over 300 graves of Confederate veterans and others buried at the park. Our newest member Philip Edwards was sworn in, the camp officers for 2015-2016 were sworn in and the Easter Bunny even made an appearance. Chaplain Tom Snowden provided music before the program and sang a number of gospel songs as the entertainment.  Camp Commander Waldo said a few words as an address:

This is the final year of the Sesquicentennial and it has been eventful.  Unfortunately, it seems our antagonists have seized the occasion to launch attacks on our heritage with battles all the way to the Supreme Court.  We must continue to protect and defend our Confederate history and Southern heritage.  Locally we have certainly seized the initiative with our wonderful billboard advertisement pronouncing this Confederate History Month.  We are restoring dignity to the final resting place of some Confederate heroes and historical Prattville figures at Indian Hill Cemetery including repairing their broken headstones.  Many Dragoons have invested hours and days working at the cemetery clearing and tending the grounds.
Many others of course have contributed to the success of the camp and our ongoing projects.  It’s the combined efforts of all Dragoons that allows us to carry forth the Charge.

Struggles are still being waged including on the legal front in Memphis as revisionist bigots seek to rename the long honored city parks and strip them of them of their Confederate history.  But in Selma we have a great legal victory with the new deed and the Confederate Circle restoration and enhancements at Old Live Oak Cemetery. These fights remind us of the ISIS militant Islamists destroying the ancient world heritage sites in Iraq because they don’t honor and revere the historical significance and seek to impart their brand of theocratic dominance and thought.  These are serious times.  But we have reason to celebrate. We have experienced successes and continue to add to our rolls.  It’s encouraging to see children here today and some who are daring to learn and promote the truth of our Southern heritage.  It’s thru understanding and communicating our history that we can better prepare for and affect our future.  

This was truly a memorable day for our camp and a great way for us to honor our Confederate veterans and our Heritage. 
Cemetery Flaggers

New Member Philip Edwards with Camp Commander and Chaplain

Adjutant Sutherland with Little Confederate Caroline

Easter Bunny Brooke

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