Saturday, April 11, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Flag Setting at Oak Hill Cemetery

Camp 1524's first observance of Confederate History and Heritage Month was the flag setting at Oak Hill Cemetery in Prattville.  Eleven Dragoons including Chaplain Tom Snowden, Communications Officer Larry Spears and father James Spears, 1st Lt Harold Grooms, George Jenks, Karl Wade, Louis Turner Jr and Louis Turner Sr, Quartermaster Bill Myrick and Tyrone Crowley set flags at Oak Hill Cemetery in Prattville, the first of the Confederate History and Heritage Month events scheduled for the upcoming month.  Stick flags were purchased by Adjutant Wayne Sutherland who led the flag setting effort on the brisk morning and also compiled and provided cemetery maps showing all the Confederate veteran graves.

     Chaplain Snowden led everyone in prayer before they dispersed to different sections of the cemetery and as our mission was completed, all paused for another prayer led by our distinguished Chaplain who thanked God for the sacrifice of these good Confederates and their families. We then went our separate ways to mark other Confederate veteran graves in other cemeteries. God bless the memory of these brave men who fought desperately for independence and whose blood still flows in our veins.

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