Friday, June 26, 2015

Confederate Heritage Event in Wetumpka

Prattville Dragoons including Commander Waldo, Communication Officer Larry Spears and Tyrone Crowley attended another wonderful Confederate Heritage event in Wetumpka on Saturday June 13th hosted by Mike Whorton.  A half dozen vendors offered food including hotdogs and Connecuh sauusage, beans with cornbread and cracklin.  Wares included Confederate items but also handmade quilts and jewelry.  Rides down US Hwy 231 looping back thru the woods were offered in two mule drawn wagons with hay seating.  There were even pony rides with youngsters able to wear a cowboy hat for their laps around the fenced area.  It was a warm Alabama late spring day but the League building offered a cool air conditioned respite.  A couple of vintage old Fords with rumble seats were parked in front of the building offering another glimpse of yesteryear.  A wonderful band entertained everyone from the front porch and it seemed different folks with different instruments joined the jam session after every couple of songs.  It was a great day to enjoy some good Southern music and food with Confederate compatriots admiring the beautiful Confederate flags aligned along Hwy 231 flying in the light breeze.

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