Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Open Letter to Alabama and South Carolina Politicians

Due respect should continue to be paid to the Confederate Veterans in our Alabama and South Carolina (and other Southern state's) history and heritage and the Confederate Battle flag under which thousands of these Southern patriots fought and died in their pursuit of forming a confederation following the principles under which the founding fathers of our United States fought and established our country.  I had three grandfathers who fought for the Confederacy and while it is tragic to see what recently occurred in Charleston in the senseless murder of worshippers in the AME church there, it is also tragic to witness the pandering, rants and demonstrations of those who are ignorant of Confederate history and Southern heritage, demanding that this beautiful honorable historic flag be removed from its place of honor at the Confederate memorial on the AL and SC state house grounds.  It should be recalled that it was just a few short years ago that the flag was removed from the SC state house dome to its current location which is protected by law as an historic memorial display.  And it is that, not some instigating or provocative symbol of hatred.  Now pandering posturing politicians would seek to remove the flag again from its rightful place.  This is the Sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence and now of the period of Reconstruction and their thoughtless decrees and pronouncements reminds us of the intolerant federal bureaucrats and carpetbaggers that continued the scorched earth destruction of the Southern states and their people and their heritage in this period following the War.  My ancestors fought for liberty and freedom from invading Union forces, were wounded, imprisoned and died during the War.  These were not slave owners and were not fighting to preserve their plantations, they returned after witnessing the carnage at battlefields including Manassas and Gettysburg after losing friends and comrades and incurring wounds themselves to protect their homes and families. These were American veterans as conferred by the Congress of the United States and these cowering politicians would dishonor them. These Southern heroes were on my mother's side of my family.  I have to remind those who would seek to dishonor their sacrifices that my father's side of the family accrued wealth in the slave trade, in Connecticut.  Never did the Confederate Battle Flag fly over a slave trading ship or market. My father was a military man and despite his being born and raised in Michigan and New York he named me after Confederate Generals Stuart and Forrest (and my sister after Lee) because of their brilliance exhibited on the battlefield, which is still recognized in military studies today.  Confederate Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson were great Christian men beyond reproach and yet would be subject to character assassination by moronic uneducated people today who for good measure look upon Washington and Jefferson with equal disdain. I would encourage these politicians to look deep within themselves, to reflect, to recognize and appreciate our Southern history and continue to support it in this new attack on our heritage. Hateful misguided people will continue to desecrate the memory of our valiant Confederate veterans by misusing their beloved flag but that should not allow those who are ignorant of the principles and ideals which our forefathers cherished and pursued to diminish the rightful importance of honoring their memory.  It might be noted that it was observed that the US flag was flying at the home of this murderer but I have not heard demands for its removal from the public square certainly.  Please keep the Confederate Battle flag flying in its rightful place of honor and respect deserved of the American Confederate veterans who sacrificed their all.    

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