Monday, June 22, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for June 2015

The Dragoon June camp meeting was very well attended by approximately 30 members, guests and three potential new members, two of whom submitted applications to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Division and Brigade awards that Dragoon members received at the Division Reunion on Saturday June the 6th were shared with the camp. Camp members who received awards included Commander Stuart Waldo - N.B. Forrest Award, Tyrone Crowley - the Stonewall Jackson Award and Newsletter of the Year award and Tom Snowden - Chaplain of the Year award.
More awardees were 1 Lt. Commander Harold Grooms, Larry Spears, James Spears, 2 Lt. Commander Benny Harris and Tom Crowley.  

Chaplain Snowden opened and closed the meeting with prayers and Color Sgt Brent Jenks led everyone in pledges to the US, Alabama and Confederate Battle flags.  Commander Waldo read S.D. Lee's Charge to the SCV and presented the announcements including camp news and upcoming events.  Special guests included first time attendees Mr. Simon and Bailey.  Waldo also gave a report-out on the Alabama Division Reunion and passed along the Book of Reports and Reunion program for everyone to look at.  

The guest speaker was Bob Bradley, Chief Curator for the Alabama Archives and History who enlightened us on the various names of the war of 1861 - 1865 and the history behind those names. He also discussed the status of conservation of Confederate flags belonging to the Alabama Archives. So far a total of over $286,000 has been donated for  conservation of 25 flags and there are additional ones which will be conserved. Camp 1524  has donated annually to this fund since 2004 totalling contribution of approximately $5000. A donation check of $500 to the fund was presented at this meeting. The Alabama Division SCV and UDC, other SCV camps and UDC chapters, Re-enactor organizations, individuals and others groups have donated to the Archies and without this money the flags would have crumbled to dust according to Mr. Bradley. 

Bradley then spoke of the names for the "American War". There have long been debates over the naming of the War even during the conflict.  Historical figures then soon after secession and early in the war referred to it as the civil war but as the war progressed that became more rare. Many just referred to it as The War. The War for Southern Independence was first named during this era but even General Lee and his staff and General Forrest in his final address to his troops said civil war.  Even soon after the war, Southerners called it civil war. But debates intensified and when the federal government adopted as the official name, War of the Rebellion, this resulted in the Confederate Veterans at their reunion in 1898 to issue a proclamation officially stated the war should be called the Civil War Between the States.  The UDC at the same time resolved it should be named the War Between the States and they were quite successful in even changing period textbooks. But other names have been used ever since including Brother's War, Confederate War, War of the Sections, War for Southern Freedom, War Between the States, War for Empire, War for States Rights, Lincoln's War, War of Northern Aggression, the Lost Cause and many others. 

Compatriot Allen Herrod played his very professional video of the Indian Hill re-dedication ceremony during the fellowship hour before the meeting. Allen has copies of the video available for a contribution of $5. The video and sound quality are excellent and he has added captions to help explain who is speaking. 
James Spears Receives his Award

Tom Crowley
Chaplain Snowden

Tyrone Crowley

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