Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pratttville Dragoons Commander's Column for November 2015

From the SCV Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

Early in October I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio and he provided a news alert that our tax payer funded National Public Radio (NPR), specifically Studio 360, an NPR program, “commissioned a Texas-based design firm to design a new flag to represent the modern South. With a diverse team of designers with ties to both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, 70kft embraced the challenge. In an online presentation, 70kft suggests “the Confederate battle flag is a divisive symbol. Some see family and honor. Some see bigotry and hatred.  If we can’t agree on the meaning, we can never be unified by it.”” (http://www.weaselzippers.us/235575-npr-commissions-new-southern-flag-to-replace-the-confederate-flag/)  If this wasn’t so insulting, it would be laughable.  Imagine a group of progressive NPR idiots gathered about brainstorming a way to bring the people of the South together, bring them into the 21st century.  Insulted yet?  No understanding, no regard for history.  Certainly no appreciation of the true meaning of the Battle Flag, its origins, its place in history and the feelings of pride and heritage it elicits from Confederate compatriots as well as most Southerners of all races.  I enjoyed reading the respondents to the article on the same post.  “Those NPR people are easily offended idiots. I'm Canadian and the Confederate Flag and Stars and Bars aren't offensive in the slightest. It's always important to preserve history, and their stupid new design crap doesn't represent anything.” – Canadian.   “As a Northerner, NPR can keep its "invention" --- I'd much rather stand with my Southern brothers as they proudly wave their Stars & Bars.” – Northerner.  We can take solace in recognizing that there is some sanity remaining if not prevailing, friends of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, scholars and enlightened men who perhaps have never even heard the Charge but would no doubt embrace its message to defend “the Confederate soldier's good name, (guard) his history, (emulate) his virtues, (and perpetuate) those principles which he loved and which made him glorious, and which you also cherish.”
Also, the first of October saw torrential rainfall in South Carolina and catastrophic flooding. More than one Confederate compatriot wondered aloud if this was retribution for the governor of that state in her ill conceived, ill informed, ill educated, decision to force the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the state capitol grounds.  While this may be quite presumptuous speculating the will of God, I would certainly question if her time and resources wouldn’t have been better served just three months prior to ensuring her state government better performed its duties and responsibilities to inspect and maintain the roads, bridges and dams which subsequently failed in this weather event.  While it would have been impossible to foresee and prevent all this damage and loss, I would maintain the state government should serve the people and not alienate constituents and attempt to rewrite history and ignorantly condemn great historical statesmen and heroes thru a modern Indian-immigrant prism.  This SC governor was roundly embraced by many for her conservative political views when subsequently they no doubt regretted her bully pulpit and executive power they bestowed as citizens and voters which she used in an unwarranted reactionary benighted response to the unrelated tragic church killings in Charleston.  There are voices in the wilderness and we need to encourage and support these compatriots.  I received a heartwarming response to an email I sent to SC State Senator Tom Alexander, a hand written note, “Your email says so much that we agree upon.  I also have ancestors who served and I and very proud of our heritage.  As you point out, our flag has been hijacked.  We have a responsibility to educate on the true meaning of what you and I believe and know about our flag.  Having the flag in a place of honor with the respect it deserves was to me the most important issue and we will make sure that it has that honor and respect. You will be hearing more of the process to make sure this happens. Please know how much I appreciate your email.”

Beware of the influx and influence of foreigners and Northerners who immigrate to the South and then attempt to change our government, our schools and our culture.  These are modern-day abolitionists who condemn Southerners who cling to their Bibles and guns.  These carpetbaggers relocate to the South often in retirement or for economic opportunity and then seek to implement the very oppressive governmental regulations, taxes and overreaching programs they fled and which has turned the once mighty industrial North into an expanse of desolate urban blight. The South still maintains a tradition of an entrepreneurial and hard work ethic which has benefitted industrial growth in the last century across the Bible Belt.  But, the Mason-Dixon line has become a relic.  Our Southern culture is being diluted with each passing day and our defenses against heritage attacks are withering.  We see the companies for which we work, our elected officials in government, our courts, our military and even some of our churches embracing and promoting LGBT deviancy forcing Christians to cower and accept their abominable practices and lifestyles.  Our children are being educated with a twisted contorted politically correct history and subjected to a substandard curriculum in the spirit of inclusiveness and diversity.  Is our Southern heritage to be relegated to a cookbook, showcased only by our fried chicken, biscuits and gravy?  It is imperative as we reflect on the Sesquicentennial of the period of Reconstruction which followed the war for Southern Independence that we fight against this modern Reconstruction which seeks to systematically destroy our remaining Constitutional rights and impose a damning relative moralism on our families and communities.  

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