Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for November 2015 - Part 1

The Prattville Dragoons held their monthly meeting at the Plantation House and Gardens in Millbook on Thursday November 12th.  Following an Invocation by Chaplain Snowden, 2nd Lt George Jenks led everyone in the pledges to the United States, Alabama and Confederate Battle flags.  Commander Waldo then recited the Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Perhaps the highlight of the meeting was the swearing in of three new members to Camp 1524, Colby Carlock, Jeff Wise and Ryan King.  Following the swearing in administered by the Commander and Chaplain, Alabama Division SCV 1st Lt Jimmy Hill addressed the gathering providing information on upcoming Division events and made his first public announcement that he is running for Division Commander at next year's Division Reunion following Commander Gary Carlyle who is completing his term in office. Jimmy has been a state/Division officer for several years and solicited the Dragoons to support his candidacy to uphold the Charge.

Following 1st Lt, Hill, Camp Commander Waldo highlighted the upcoming events and camp news/announcements (posted on this blog site).  Following the guest speaker, the SCV closing was also recited and Chaplain Snowden closed the meeting with a Benediction.  The guest speaker for the camp meeting was Alabama Division SCV Surgeon Henry Howard who spoke on medical and surgical practices during the War Between the States and provided a demonstration on his mannequin Buford.  Henry had a magnificent display of medical instruments, medicine bottles, etc. that many Dragoons scrutinized before and after the meeting.  There will be no December meeting for the Dragoons as we will be celebrating the holiday season with our Christmas Social at Buena Vista on Friday December 11th.

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