Thursday, December 10, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Camp News

From the Camp 124 Dispatch newsletter for December 2015:

Camp News

SCV National Life Memberships – Adjutant-in-Chief Douglas “Doug” W. Nash, Jr. announced that on
December 6, 2015 a single day offer of ½ priced National Life Memberships will be conducted online only; additional information will be disseminated when available.

Color Bearer Call to Action – On November 19th SCV members across the country sent Southern Heritage and Confederate History defense letters to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley to mount a unified voice demanding due regard and honor be paid to the Confederate Battle Flag and Confederate monuments in their states specifically regarding the removal of the Battle flag from the state house grounds in Alabama and South Carolina.

New Members and Membership Renewals – Certificates have been received for new members and these compatriots will be sworn in during the January camp meeting. Those who failed to renew their memberships are encouraged to do so, SCV National late fees have been waived. 

Volunteer Opportunities – With the addition of new members in our camp, the officers of Camp 1524 would like to encourage all who are interested to actively contribute to the success of the Dragoons by filling a leadership role to advance the Cause in our community.  Positions include: Color Sergeant, Communications Officer, Newsletter Editor, Education Coordinator, Fundraising/Donations Coordinator.  Please contact any officer if interested.  We need your support.

Salvation Army Kettle Ringer – Compatriot Karl Wade proposed a terrific community service idea for the Dragoons to man a Salvation Army kettle at a business location during the Christmas season.  This is a tremendous volunteer opportunity for the camp and a rewarding holiday activity.

Dragoons Camp Shirts - Contact Dragoon Tyrone Crowley at or 334-365-4713.   Golf shirts are available for $16 and dress shirts for $19.

Prattville Electronic Billboard Ad – The Dragoons are placing a Christmas holiday season ad on two electronic billboards in Prattville to run December 11-25th on Hwy 14 at I-65 and Cobbs Ford Road (across from Kohls). 

Understanding the War Between the States - an 88-page reader edited by Howard Ray White and Clyde N. Wilson; Sixteen writers cover American history from Jamestown to Grover Cleveland, presenting a dense array of truths about the conflict of North and South through that period of history. The booklet may be read and/or downloaded for free on computers and tablets at, accessed on Kindle, or purchased in paperback at low cost ( Hard copies are also available at the library at Confederate Memorial Park for $6.

Dragoons Donate to Production of “Capturing Montgomery History” – Camp 1524 made a donation of $200 to Bill Schaum Video Productions for their historical video project which includes interviews with Bob Bradley (Alabama Archives) and others pertaining to the War Between the States for which we received a very nice note of thanks.

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