Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alabama Division Education Conference - Part 1

The 1st Annual Alabama Division SCV Education Conference was held on Saturday March 5th at the Prattville Doster Center.  There were more than 100 people attending the conference, four well known nationally recognized speakers and a perfect meeting organization by our Division leaders. All this equalled an excellent conference where the speakers challenged all to not only listen to what was being said but take the information and go on the offensive for Southern Heritage. At least 12 Dragoons attended the conference including Commander Waldo, 1st Lieutenant Grooms, Color Sergeant Morgan, Quartermaster Myrick, Communications Officer Spears, Historian Sam Reid, Tyrone Crowley and wife Carol who assisted as a hostess, Bill Gill, and Karl Wade.  Color Sgt Morgan presented colors at the beginning of the program in period dress.  Everyone also sang Dixie to  open the conference.  The first two speakers were Dr. Brian McClanahan who spoke on the U.S. Constitution and Originalism.  Dr. McClanahan is a USC graduate and author of numerous books including "Nine Presidents who Screwed up America and Four who tried to Save Her".  Dr. McClanahan was followed by Donny Kennedy, author of "The South was Right" who spoke to a presentation entitled "Slavery - Smokescreen for Tyranny".

Dr. McClanahan explained how many who interpret the Constitution do so by evaluating how it applies to cases and rulings. Instead of this approach, Dr. McClanahan espouses an approach whereby one evaluates how the Constitution was ratified in 1788.  James Madison did not say one should study case law to understand and interpret the Constitution.  Further, textual understanding only allows you to comprehend implied powers.  This early period of U.S. history was marked by struggles between federalists and anti-federalists and these groups proved to be proponents and opponents for ratification of the Constitution.  Those arguing for the Constitution said there would never be abuses of power -- we can see how rats have infected the federal/national government.  The Articles of Confederation was last when states held power but the Constitution abolished state authority.
Some of the Dragoons at the Alabama Division Education Conference

Color Sgt Edward Morgan

Donald Kennedy and Dr. Brian McClanahan

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