Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Prattville Dragoons' Robinson Springs Cemetery Clean Up

Six Dragoons made short work of cleaning up Robinson Springs Cemetery today, Tuesday 29 March. Camp 1524 has been registered by the Sons of Confederate Veterans to maintain this cemetery as part of the Guardian Program. Camp 692 member Carl French had cut the cemetery grass the previous Friday so all that was left was weed eating, blowing and related tasks to complete the clean up. Carl French has been doing this for several years and some Dragoons have contributed their labor also in recent years to help distribute the load. 

Pictured below are Dragoons Ryan King, Tom Crowley, Bill Myrick, James Spears, Larry Spears and Bill Gill. Ryan came out on his day off from work while the rest of this group usually has some spare time in retirement to donate to a worthy cause. The second photo shows a portion of the cemetery with two Battle Flags  flying proudly on  Confederate veteran graves. There are a total of eight Confederate veterans buried there. 

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