Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Alabama Division Executive Committee Meeting February 2016 - Camp Growth and Recruitment

Prattville Dragoons Commander Stuart Waldo and Adjutant Wayne Sutherland attended the Division EC meeting at Dalraida Methodist in Montgomery Al on Saturday February 20, 2016.  Commander Gary Carlyle called the meeting to order followed by an Invocation by  the Division chaplain and salutes to the Alabama and Confederate flags.  Everyone sang Dixie.

Commander Carlyle then highlighted the many important upcoming dates for events across the Division especially the Confederate Memorial Day programs.  Heritage Defense Russ Hare and Jimmy Hill then summarized the activities in the Division to promote education and marketing for the Sons of Confederate Veterans aligned with the Vision 2016 campaign.

Lunch consisted of delicious pork tenderloin, greens and black eyed peas enjoyed by everyone. Division Adjutant Mike Williams brought everyone up to date on the status of the Heritage Bill SB-13 which recently passed the Senate and is in House committee.  Commander Carlyle then reviewed a list of attributes and habits of Southern gentlemen especially treating women with respect as ladies.
The EC meeting then broke out into three groups where representatives from the Division EC and camps around the state discussed Recruiting, Growing a Camp, Recruiting and, Camp Business.  

Ideas presented for recruitment and camp growth included:
1) camp commander actively involved in meetings and activities - officers should greet everyone annd don't let anyone drop thrru the cracks unnoticed or unappreciated
2) recruit business leaders to join the camp
3) be prepared at public events to present, verbalize the Cause
4) have an event(s) on which the camp can rally for a common purpose such as a reenactment to get a lot of folks involved
5) encourage members to own projects and get involved, for instance becoming a Guardian - there has to be a reason for members to stay in the camp
6) have good meetings to encourage member attendance including good programs and speakers and change up the programs
7) in camp newsletters, include photos of members
8) get the camp out there on social media including Twitter, Facebook, websites, Snapchat etc annd update frequently
9) ensure the camp is run like a business, professionally with all propriety
10) camp should promote educational outreach emphasizing reaching youngsters including in schools
11) camp meetings should be held in nice facilities to make everyone comfortable
12) provide free or sell food at public events like hot dogs or drinks
13) use nametags to help build recognition and comraderie
14) use local media like TV and radio to announce events as 501.c.3. would be a public service announcement
15) invite people (one person at a time) to camp meetings
16) make meetings educational providing good information
17) participate in local community events like parades
18) offer a genealogy research service thru the camp
19) have meetings at restaurants or churches to allow people to fellowship over food
20) recruit friends and family
21) provide copies of old SC Confederate magazines or Guide to Confederate Monuments at public events
22) conduct timely meetings, starting and ending on time
23) review camp dues to make membership attractive but to provide funds for camp activities
24) provide annual camp report to keep records up to date for Division and for the camp including timely Last Roll Call notifications and condolences to family of deceased members as well as transfers and officer rolls
25) promote the prorated membership period when folks can join for a discounted rate for extended membership benefits

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