Sunday, May 1, 2016

Confederate Memorial Day in Prattville AL

A spirited celebration of Confederate Memorial Day was enjoyed by the Prattville Dragoons and friends on Monday 25 April at the Dragoon monuments in downtown Prattville.  The location at the corner of Washington and Wetumpka Streets was the site of the departure of the Dragoons in 1861 as they left their families in defense of their homeland in the War for Southern Independence.  

Commander Stuart Waldo welcomed all guests and dignitaries including our local state representative in attendance. Bob Miller played the bagpipes including such songs as Scotland The Brave to open and Amazing Grace during the laying of the wreath. and more. Camp Chaplain Tom Snowden sang some good ole Southern Gospel songs and led our prayers in memory of the Dragoons and all Confederate soldiers. The 33rd Alabama Re-enactors led  by Col. Paul Whaley presented colors, laid the wreath at the monuments and then assembled as a Campfire Band to play and sing period songs such as Battle Cry of Freedom, Goober Peas and of course, DIXIE. 

There was an enthusiastic crowd of about 45 who showed their appreciation for the music program and the memorial ceremony and the singing continued even after the ceremony ended.

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