Sunday, May 22, 2016

Prattville Dragoons May Camp Meeting - Part 1

The SCV Camp 1524 monthly meeting for May continued to be interesting, informative, pleasurable and well attended with about 32 compatriots enjoying the program and fellowship.  Attendees included members and their significant others, potential members and guests at the May meeting but the outstanding improved accommodations at Shoneys, the camp meeting location should encourage even more folks to attend.  The pleasant atmosphere at Shoney’s was evident again and the service and food were splendid.

The camp meeting was held as usual on the second Thursday of the month, on May 12th at 7pm.  Chaplain Tom Snowden initiated the meeting with an Invocation.  2nd Lt George Jenks led everyone in the pledges to the US, Alabama and Confederate flags. Commander Waldo then recited the SCV Charge and provided a welcome including announcements highlighting upcoming events.  Of special note was recognition of Adjutant Sutherland's birthday although he was absent celebrating with his family. The ladies in attendance and two special visiting guests were also recognized. Upcoming events of note included the annual Division Reunion which will be June 11th in Cullman AL and with the growth in the camp membership, a full complement of eleven delegates is needed from camp rolls. 

Dragoon Tyler Suttle presented a fascinating program on the Battle of Chickamauga with visual aides. There were several questions after the program and Tyler brought up many clarifying and more specific points of which many unaware regarding the battle, consequences and, the figures and leaders of the conflict. Chaplain Snowden continues his slide presentation of photos before the meeting which adds so much to the gathering.  The recitation of the SCV Closing by the Commander brought the camp meeting to a conclusion as everyone departed.

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