Monday, May 9, 2016

Robinson Springs Cemetery Cleanup Workday

Robinson Springs Cemetery on Hwy. 14 in Millbrook AL received a special facelift today just in time for Mother’s Day. Five Dragoons from SCV Camp 1524 including James and Larry Spears, Tyrone and Tom Crowley and Bill Myrick and one member of the Cradle of the Confederacy Camp in Montgomery joined together to weed eat, cut and manicure the cemetery and graves. There are seven Confederate veterans buried there and they all have a Battle Flag waving proudly at their headstones. 

Carl French of the SCV Cradle Camp 692 has been maintaining the cemetery for several years. In the last few years some members of the Dragoons have joined him to make his workload lighter. Now Carl cuts the grass and the Dragoons trim, weed eat, blow off the graves and perform other tasks to keep the cemetery looking good. Carl deserves a Confederate salute for his quiet determination in keeping the cemetery clean for such a long time. 

Since this was a weekday morning event, many Dragoons were not available to assist who otherwise would have participated.  We had five “Over The Hill” members who came to help and the cemetery was in tip top shape in less than 2 hours. Dragoon Jack Moore was on duty as the Camp Photographer and did a super job of recording our progress.

These Confederate veterans and others interred here once again have a clean, manicured burial place. All Dragoon and Cradle camp members can take pride in knowing that their camps care enough to respect this sacred spot.
Carl French on His Zero Turn Mower

Cleaning Crew

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