Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dixie Butt Fundraiser

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524 Prattville Dragoons successfully completed their Dixie butt fundraiser with the butt distribution on Saturday 13 August at Herrod’s Chevron station in Prattville. Dragoons including Commander Waldo, 1st Lt Grooms, 2nd Lt Genks, Adjutant Sutherland, Treasurer Leverette, Chaplain Snowden, Color Sgt Morgan, Comms Officer Larry Spears and his father James as well as Ryan King and Bill Gill came and helped with the bagging of the butts picked up from Smokin S and the distribution to all the many folks who dropped by and visited awhile picking up their butts. Many thanks to all the camp members and friends who made this day possible and so successful and for selling so many tickets. The cam officers were all extremely grateful for the team work and dedication to raising money for the camp treasury so we can promote Confederate Heritage. These funds help with camp initiatives including donations to the Alabama Archives and historical preservation efforts, the purchase of flags for placing at cemeteries,School presentations and awards, and camp stores for Confederate items to share at community events including festivals and parades.  

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