Sunday, August 21, 2016

Prattville Dragoons August Camp Meeting

An exceptional meeting of the Prattville Dragoons was held on 11 August with a near capacity crowd for the meeting room at Shoney’s with over 35 in attendance.  Chaplain Snowden opened the meeting with an Invocation and Commander Waldo recited the SCV Charge.  Two new members were sworn in which is always the highlight of these meetings,   James DeVaughn and Jerry Clay Lyle were welcomed into the camp and received their certificates and lapel pins. Paperwork was also received to reinstate Compatriot Greg Swanner to the SCV and enroll his son, 

Following the welcome to everyone and the swearing in, the Commander Waldo gave a report on the conclusion of the camp fundraiser which was very successful. We sold 160 tickets for Dixie butts and received many donations for our camp treasury. Smokin S provided the butts and feedback from customers was very positive as to the quality and taste of the smoked butts. Dragoon Color Sergeant and Newsletter Editor Edward Morgan was recognized as the top seller of Dixie butt tickets with 28! Edward. 2nd Lt. Commander George Jenks received funds from the ticket sales and recorded all transactions in detail (enabling the easy, smooth distribution of butts on Saturday). 

Dragoon Historian Sam Reid shared a program with a surprise twist. A 25 question multiple choice test was distributed to those assembled to determine how well versed everyone was on the facts of slavery, the causes of The War for Southern Independence and other details of that time period. The correct answers for each question were then provided and Sam elaborated on the answers. A unique and challenging learning experience serving as an opportunity for study and learning historical details. The program was brought to a close by the Commander and a Benediction by Chaplain Snowden.
Sam Reid with His Wife and Friend

Chaplain Snowden Swearing in New Members

Commander Waldo with Edward Morgan

Camp Members Taking the History Quiz

Greg and Tate

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