Monday, August 29, 2016

Several members of the Prattville Dragoons helped clean up the Robinson Springs cemetery in Millbrook on Wednesday August 17th.  Along with the routine maintenance work of weed eating, trimming and raking, one Confederate flag was replaced and two United States flags on U.S. veterans graves including one Korean War veteran. With so many working it took less than an hour and a half to finish the work.  Carl French from SCV Camp 692 was contacted to finish mowing the remainder of the cemetery the following weekend.  Dragoons participating in this cemetery cleanup included Larry and James Spears, Bill Myrick, Ryan King, Bill Gill and Tom Crowley.  

The following week, Dragoon Billy Leverette worked independently at Indian Hill cemetery to mow all the grass along the county road frontage as well as inside the cemetery fence line.  Billy worked on this mowing for a couple afternoons to tidy up that cemetery's appearance. 

On Saturday August 27th, a number of Dragoons met in Prattville to drive out to Autaugaville to work on the two cemeteries which have Confederate graves out near that community.  At the town's cemetery which was worked first, limbs were picked up and brush cleared along the back fence.  Previous cleanup efforts made it possible for the area around this older section of the cemetery to be more readily mowed which was apparent in the condition of the grounds observed this morning.  The second cemetery across from Shiloh Baptists Church on County Road 45 west of Autaugaville was worked next including sling blade and weed eating around the graves and mowing out to the county road to provide a better path to the cemetery.  Weed killer was also applied to keep the weed and undergrowth down inside the cemetery grounds enclosed by an old wrought iron fence.  Dragoons who participated in this Saturday's cleanup included Ryan King, Stuart Waldo, Harold Grooms, Ton Crowley, Skip Ward, Bill Myrick and Allen Herrod.  
Indian Hill 

Shiloh Cemetery Work Crew

Harold and Tom


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