Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for October 2016

The summer of 2015 of course saw attacks on our Southern heritage and on all displays of our historic and honorable Confederate Battle Flag.   Ignorant knee jerk reactions by governors in South Carolina and Alabama resulted in the furling of flags from educational displays on the capital grounds in both states. Paintings, statues and monuments commemorating Confederate heroes were removed.  This not only demonstrated ignorance of the historical significance of the flag in state and national history but a tremendous disrespect for the citizen soldiers who died defending their states fighting under those flags and for their ancestors living today as heirs to their legacy and as present citizens of these states.  The hypocritical bigotry of these politicians in not recognizing and appreciating the honorable place these flags should hold in state history is appalling.  Should we expect anything better though?  Our communications officer emailed a link to an Alabama Pioneers article on the carpetbaggers and scalawags that infected Alabama and her governance during Reconstruction.  Problem is that we have accepted this very thing today as immigrants and northerners have assumed leadership positions in our very governments from the local city councils to our state governors and representatives to our school educators and university presidents.  They espouse the same blatant disregard at a minimum or disdain more predominately for our Southern heritage and culture. 

In the summer of 2015, Confederate monuments were vandalized and defaced.  The Confederate flag was demonized as provocative and hateful.  Should we expect anything less offensive and overt?  Our new member swearing-in states, “Our Confederate ancestors bequeathed to us a military tradition of valor, patriotism, devotion to duty, and a spirit of self-sacrifice. When our nation no longer admires and pays tribute to these traditions, we will no longer remain a free nation.”  And true to this warning, our nation has turned a dire corner where millionaire professional athletes are admired and emulated for ignoring our national anthem which salutes the patriot soldiers which have sacrificed their all for our country.  They protest the sacrifice law enforcement officers make to protect their very families and neighborhoods. Students are forbidden from wearing patriotic clothing to school.  The US flag is stomped and burned in the streets not in Tehran but on the streets of Cleveland and Philadelphia at the national conventions to California (where Mexican flags are commonplace at schools and public forums).  Even in Dallas TX and Valdosta GA.  From sea to shining sea.  Standing up for “Blue Lives” which matter is viewed as racist.  The U.S. flag is viewed as racist and oppressive. If our citizens and those abiding in our country will not universally respect law enforcement and the U.S. flag and violently deface U.S. veteran monuments, can we expect anything more for our Confederate flag and memorials when the true history of the south has been disregarded and students understanding poisoned thru 150 years of Reconstruction and formal schooling indoctrination as Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned?

There is a modern Reconstruction ongoing where symbols of our proud Southern heritage are purged and displays forbidden in a vein comparable to the Islamic State destruction of ancient sites, antiquities, and treasures in the mideast in an effort to erase the very history and culture which they despise.  Confederate compatriots are branded as intolerant racist bigots when those who attack us are the most gross offenders.  Former Alabama Division Commander Gary Carlyle has created a strategy to push the passage of the Monument Protection Bill which we should view as an imperative to preserve these meaningful commemorative vestiges to some of the most important historical figures who helped shape our state’s and our country’s history.  We as a camp and the state SCV organization have been challenged to contact our state representatives in the House and Senate to thank them for their past and encourage their continued support for this Bill.  One of our very members, a true hero for his service to our country has pledged to address another military veterans organization to impress on them how this Bill should be endorsed universally. Everyone should do their part.  It is important as Confederate compatriots and as American patriots to stand united and strong against the politically correct and corrupt influences which seek to destroy our proud Southern culture, tradition and inheritance. We will not have complete agreement and endorsement of our cause and we will not be able to convince every last person but we need to be available and let our friends, neighbors, and community know who we are, the SCV.  This is the Cause to advance as the Charge implores us.  

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