Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prattville Dragoons October Camp Meeting

Compatriot Tyrone Crowley will perform his reenactment of Daniel Pratt, industrialist, founder of Prattville AL and, supporter of the Confederate Cause as the highlight speaker for the Dragoon's October 2016 Camp 1524 meeting.  Tyrone has performed in the Prattville, Montgomery and Selma communities as Jefferson Davis including the SCV Sesquicentennial reenactment on the state capital steps of Davis' swearing in as President of the newly formed Confederate States of America. Daniel Pratt looked not unlike Jefferson Davis with his goatee beard which Tyrone maintains for authenticity.   Tyrone has long served the SCV and Camp 1524 as previous Communications Officer and with his linguistics background, he is a an accomplished polished orator. This is sure to be a fascinating enjoyable presentation. The  meeting will be held at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road in Prattville at 7am on Thursday October 13th.  Many start to gather at 6pm to break bread together, enjoying the ample Shoney's buffet or delicious selections off the menu.  Everyone is encouraged to bring some canned goods or non-perishables which the camp is gathering to make a donation in conjunction with the Thanksgiving holidays to a local food bank.

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