Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Town of Prattville Highlights and Recommendations

I enjoy researching local points of interest and local eateries and recommended hoteliers when travelling and use the internet tools for trip and vacation planning.  To that end and in an effort to share some recommendations for some must-see attractions and activities and some of the best places to eat and stay in our Prattville area, we will start a series of monthly blog posts offering our personal best suggestions.  Prattville is a historic small town in central Alabama, a bedroom community to Montgomery, the state capital.  Prattville is known as the Fountain City for the many artesian wells in the area many of which have spigots installed allowing local residents to draw spring water for their consumption.  Prattville is also known as the Preferred Community for its small town charm and pleasant neighborhoods and for its good schools and city services.  Prattville was founded in 1839 by Daniel Pratt after he purchased land along Autauga Creek which would provide water power for his cotton gin factory.  Pratt laid out the charming town similarly to those in New Hampshire from whence he came.  Prattville grew rapidly and in 1868 it was made the Autauga County seat and it remains with a population of around 34000. Autauga County was founded in 1818 and as such is actually older than the state of Alabama; the county will soon celebrate its bicentennial.  There are many outstanding recreational facilities and opportunities in the community and these will be highlighted in future blog posts.  There are also many historic and interesting attractions for visitors and the downtown Daniel Pratt Historic District is on the National Register. Alabamians love their Southern cuisine and Prattville affords plenty of delicious options.  Prattville also has some large employers, hosts events and travelers such that many hotels and bed and breakfast provide ample comfortable accommodations.  Each month one blog will present a review and information about an attraction, eatery or lodging in and around Prattville to encourage y'all to come and visit and stay a while.

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