Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Sad Day for Individual Liberty and Freedom and States Rights

From a past Dragoons camp commander:
Not all is said and done. Yet has to come the realization to the American people, that again the worst choice ever has been made. What does it take to understand Marxism and communism?  Look back to Germany when Hitler received most of the votes and was elected; and what happened ever after that. It seems that all dictators are very sneaky. It's like a worm inside an apple, raising havoc til it is too late. Too bad for this Country and most of it's people that we will continue on a path of destruction of our great Constitution.  This could be the worst day in American History, unless it was the day Abraham Lincoln took office.  Don't forget.  Pray without ceasing  for our Country and her people.

And a response:
Interesting the Hitler comparison because the local radio talk show host this morning made that exact same comparison.  Just because someone was elected doesn’t make him the right choice, it may mean that the majority made the wrong decision.  Unfortunately, I believe there are two issues.  First, everyone deep down wants an easy handout.  A candidate said the other day (paraphrasing), “The economy is improving but we have a long way to go and I won’t quit until everyone who wants to work has a job.”  See anything wrong with that statement?  It used to be that anyone who was able to work should have a job.   So first, there is an entitlement mindset that has evolved into a way of life for 40% or more of Americans.  Secondly, you mentioned Marxism and many pundits during the campaign mentioned socialism.  The majority of younger Americans, largely due to the terrible public education they are receiving today, have no clue, no understanding about what that means.  Socialism is not a bad word today.  McCarthy isn’t studied. Could you imagine American involvement in a Vietnam conflict today? There would be no stomach to send one warship to defend a political system of freedom rather than communism.  The rise and fall of the Russian empire isn’t studied.  China means cheap game systems to Americans today.  They have no knowledge of Tiananmen Square.  Liberty is a vague unintelligible  concept.  A government check and a reward for having more illegitimate babies is the foundation a growing minority of Americans desire.  40% of babies today are born to unwed mothers.  The foundation of American greatness, the family, is crumbling because of laws enabling these fractured families, enabling independence to pursue happiness in one’s life rather than sacrifices for the future and betterment of one’s children.  The young today have no inkling as to the sacrifices of the greatest generation of America let alone their forebears of the 18th and 19th centuries.  They believe that America will always be there and always provide for their well-being/welfare.  But as many have warned, the day of reckoning may be soon at hand and the austerity measures many European governments are dealing with or facing may hit the shores of America.  Biblical concepts of self-reliance and absolute morality and Constitutional concepts of self-determination and liberty are ancient obsolete words on parchment. I was very sad this morning for my children and the diminished opportunities they will have in this country.

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