Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today, November 6th is election day.  Some have said this is the most important election of our lives.  It is.  Some say there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats and the parties.  That is uninformed ignorance, an excuse, a reneging of the responsibility of your civic duty.  Or biased blindness. While each party has utterly failed in preserving the founders Jeffersonian principles of limited government, the United States electorate has a clear choice between capitalism and socialism.   Between liberty and responsibility as opposed to an entitlement welfare state.  Judeo-Christian morality versus progressive relativism.  A degree of constitutional limited government and states rights versus an ever expanding federal intrusive strong arm.  One party believes we must reform social programs for future generations whereas the other party believes exploding debt and deficits will solve any problem and line the pockets of their political and organized labor croneys to create a ruling proletariat.  One party believes in reduced bureaucracy and regulation and paving the way for entrepreneurship and businesses to start and thrive, to unleash the US economy to again be the preeminent economic superpower.  One party believes in a diminished United States limiting the development of our natural resources and creating oppressive government taxes and regulations while picking their favorites in an attempt to declare winners they favor.  In the 150 years since the War for Southern Independence it is striking the transformation which the Republican and Democrat parties have undergone.  Obama likened himself to Lincoln (http://video.foxnews.com/v/1113088245001/obama-compares-himself-to-lincoln/) which at first blush seems to be narcissistic and absurd. But just as Lincoln believed in the supreme authority of the federal government, so too does Obama and believes it to be the only solution to every societal ill, issue and problem. (Interesting other similarities were both were Illinois lawyers and campaigned with characterless irresolute political positions, Obama abstaining on any vote which could brand him in his short-lived legislative career before seeking the Presidential nomination and "(Lincoln's) strategy (in running for the Illinois state legislature in which) he issued no platform statement, made no promises, and gave few speeches. Instead, he shook hands, told jokes, and visited nearly every family in the county. (http://millercenter.org/president/lincoln/essays/biography/2)"  The Democrats of the antebellum South wanted to preserve their agricultural industries which prior to the advent of mechanized farming largely required labor intensive methods which resulted in the propagation of the institution of slavery. But Lincoln too believed in the superiority of the white race and while paying lip service to abolitionists, sought to deport all freed slaves as he believed whites and blacks could not coexist in society (http://afpakwar.com/blog/archives/2600).  Socialist federal policies seek to enslave the populace to a lifetime of dependency and suppressed achievement on a federal government plantation (http://thehill.com/video/campaign/186701-cain-says-he-qleft-the-democratic-plantation-a-long-time-agoq).   Republicans today are the party espousing a return to individual liberty and states rights whereas in the 1850s and 1860s it was the Democrats.  Conservative minorities are highlighting the racism inherent in the Democrat demagoguery and proving that the American dream is still possible in the face of the obstacles the government imparts.  This election is important.  Vote today.  If you reside in what has been identified as a swing state, VOTE and ensure all of your like minded friends and family VOTE too.  May God bless our country and give wisdom to the electorate to make the right decision to save our country.

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