Friday, November 9, 2012

Prattville Dragoons November Camp Meeting

The Dragoons held their monthly camp meeting on Thursday night, November 8th at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Road.  It was a great crowd of nearly thirty folks. Following an opening prayer by Chaplain Snowden and the flag pledges, announcements were made by Commander Booth.  Special guests were recognized and there were a number of ladies present, always a pleasure. The Tallassee Battles for the Armory reenactment is being held this weekend including today, Friday with a school day with tours and presentations.  December 1st is the Prattville Christmas parade at 4:30 and the Dragoons will have a float and marchers - please join the festivities tossing candy and SCV coins to the children lining the parade route.  December 14th is the Dragoons Christmas social at Buena Vista with festivities starting at 6pm and dinner at 7pm with the program wrapping up by 9pm. Linda Davis with the Cradle of the Confederacy UDC announced they were selling CDs and song books to help raise funds for preservation of historic UDC documents; Mrs Davis played the CD during dinner before the camp meeting and songs include Dixie and Taps instrumentals. Pat Godwin was introduced as the guest speaker as one of the sterling defenders of Confederate heritage in Alabama, President of the Selma UDC chapter and founder of the AL Division Order of Confederate Rose.  Pat provided an update on status and progress in the renovation of the Live Oak Cemetery Confederate Circle including replacement of the bust and enhancements to the Gen.N.B.Forrest monument.  Lawsuits and legal action if prevailing currently.  Todd Kiscaden has lawsuits filed against the City of Selma and the Police Chief for losses incurred in the fiasco which halted the renovation work.  Pat has accused "domestic terrorist" Rose Sanders of criminal mischief and vandalism and is attempting to get her arrested but despite evidence of and witnesses to these crimes, she appears to be immune to legal recourse in Selma.  Sanders actually has brought suit against Pat for defamation and losses incurred because of her publicly labeling her a "domestic terrorist"; Pat explained that the Patriot Act defines a domestic terrorist and the description accurately characterizes Rose Sanders and the harassment, theft, vandalism and endangerment she and her hired croneys have choreographed in interrupting the renovation work at the Confederate Circle.  She explained that these actions by Sanders have been a diversion to distract authorities from the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the felonious theft of the Forrest bust; a suspect, an associate of Sanders, has been identified by informants.  But Pat indicated that Rose Sanders has largely lost her base of support as evidenced by the very poor showing of numbers for the demonstrations at the cemetery and for a march across the bridge where 300,000 people were called for by Sanders and 45 people, including just a half dozen blacks, actually showed up.  Nonetheless, the lawsuits against the City of Selma and the Police Chief are evidence that Sanders has protection from the local government officials if not support from the general public.  Pat provided details on the Selma city councils vote to suspend work on the Confederate Circle renovations.  Work was halted until evidence can be produced as to the ownership and deed for that area of the cemetery.  A compilation of historical news reports dating back to the late nineteenth century provide evidence of the origins of the Confederate Circle and original Monument but Pat is continuing her search for additional legal documents proving ownership by the UDC.  This despite proper building permits and Certificates of Appropriateness having been obtained prior to the construction and renovation work. The Friends of Forrest established by Butch and Pat Godwin have Forrest T-shirts and monument pavers available which are to help with legal defense and the completion of the memorial enhancements.  She encouraged everyone to write letters to the editors of the Selma Tomes-Journal, the Montgomery Advertiser, and the Prattville Progress endorsing the Confederate Circle renovations as a promotion for historical tourism and honoring American verterans. 

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