Monday, December 3, 2012

Dragoons at the Prattville Christmas Parade

The Prattville Dragoons enjoyed a wonderful Christmas parade thru downtown Prattville on Saturday night.  While radios were tuned to the Alabama-Georgia SEC Championship football game, hundreds participated on floats or marched down the parade route to the thrill of the thousands lining the streets.  The parade started right at halftime so timing was excellent to minimize the conflicting priorities.  The weather was beautiful with clear skies and temperatures hovering around 70 degrees which, despite the unseasonable warmth, didn't thwart everyone's Christmas spirit and the festivities.  The Dragoons had over a dozen participants including camp officers, members, wives and children as well as a large contingent of reenactors from Wetumpka.  Confederate flags were everywhere.  As usual, the Dragoons entry was warmly received throughout the evening including a number of people who inquired as to how to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  To those and to the children lining the street, the treasured SCV coins were tossed to their delight.  Most of the Dragoons marching with the float had bags of candy from which treats were tossed to the children clamoring along the curbs and sidewalks.  A large box of candy, 30 pounds of candy canes and tootsie rolls and other confections were also used by the float riders and to resupply the marchers. The children on the float seemed to take particular joy in sharing the candy with all the children spectating.  As is usual, all the candy disappeared by the end of the parade and the last stretch down Main Street required diligent restraint to throw a single piece here and there to avoid coming to these last revelers without a thing.  Following the parade the Dragoons shared some beverages and fellowship while disassembling the float to stow the decorations for next year's event.  A wonderful kickoff to the Christmas season for the Dragoons and the Prattville community. 

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