Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Open Letter to the Hays County TX School Board

In response to the news from the Hays County TX school board banning the display of the Confederate Battle flag - .  Here is an open letter to the school board and it is encouraged to send them a letter in defense of Confederate heritage and request a response (see Contact link at the top of the district's webpage) - .

Your website states, "A Place Where Ideas Grow" but whose idea was it to take away the rights of those who seek to honor and preserve the heritage of their Confederate ancestors by displaying the Battle flag?  Instead of ignorantly associating the Battle flag with a racist action by some students, perhaps the school board should have sought to educate the students about the real meaning behind the Battle flag and that hundreds of thousands of their ancestors fought to create the Confederate States of America to preserve those ideals upon which the founding fathers formed the U.S.A. As the Union invaded and crushed the Confederacy by superior force, so too failed the last best possibility for a true representative government focused on States rights and individual liberty. The Battle flag was a symbol of all those hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers who fought for their families and homeland from unconstitutional aggression and invasion from the North. My forefathers were some of these brave and noble patriots. It is twisted people who subsequently associated it with violent racist motives and ignorant PC people today who propagate that same message.  You need only look at the overreaching overburdening socialist federal government we have created and allowed to fester to see that the South was right and Lincoln was a terrorist. Stop silencing those who would honor and remember their proud Confederate ancestors.  , Stuart Waldo, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1524

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