Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dragoons Defend the Concept of Secession

A letter to the editor of the Prattville Progress by the Dragoons own Charlie Graham regarding the concept of and justification for secession historically and in today's political climate:

Secessionists want out of despotic federal government
The secession petitions are the result of concerned citizens realizing what this socialist nation has become and where it is going and don’t like it. We are not far away from emulating Greece in political fiscal irresponsibility. We are bigger and it takes more time for the failure mode to surface. It is just a matter of time until the Bernanke/Obama $40 billion per month printing press tips the scales. In our case the difference will be in lieu of the Eurozone invoking mandatory austerity upon us it will be China. You think China is your enemy now, just wait.
It is an interesting read to go to Wikipedia and read the differences between the Constitutions of the Confederacy and the US. After dealing with the US Constitution for nearly 70 years, Confederates decided more specific limitations on the power of central government were compulsory. What if the fed couldn’t print money, or congress couldn’t install tariffs to protect certain industries over others, or presidents couldn’t grant impunity to illegal aliens or grant our tax dollars to unions and select industries in return for votes?
It is not surprising that we actually have citizens that do not wish to be a part of this policy or debt load. There are those that simply don’t like despotic federal government.

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