Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans I-65 Confederate Flag News

A work crew assembled at the I-65 Flag Site on Saturday March 22 and worked on several projects to improve the area. The primary task was to clear the fence line of vegetation that was hindering the view of the flag and would have only gotten worse if left unattended. This was accomplished and the results were a much more open view of our site from the Interstate. Other tasks were also worked and Dragoons will again assemble this coming week for two other jobs that need to be completed.  The work crew consisted of Prattville Dragoons who are also members of the I-65 Flag Committee plus some extra hands. The workers for this day were Billy Parker, James Spears, Jeffery Jones, Danny Smyth, Jeffrey’s grandson Trey and I-65 Flag Committee Chairman Larry Spears. A big Thank You to these gentlemen who worked diligently to improve the site, advance the Cause and honor Confederate heritage.  Keep ‘er flying!
Dragoons Clear Brush from the I-65 Flag Site
Larry Spears and Billy Parker
Replacing the I-65 Confederate Battle Flag

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