Monday, March 24, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting for March 2014 - Part 3 (Officer's Reports)

Dragoon Officer Reports for the 2013-2014 year were presented by the Commander, Communications Officer and Treasurer at the March camp meeting.  Commander Stuart Waldo with Adjutant Wayne Sutherland's help provided a summary of the camp membership including the loss of two deceased Dragoons with the addition of three new SCV members and the transfer of two additional into the camp. Dragoons stepping into leadership rolls this year include Color Sergent Brent Jenks, Quartermaster David Brantley and Camp Historian Sam Reid.   Participation in community events included entries in the Prattville July 4th and Christmas parades and the Vida Christmas parade as well as the recent Millbrook Mardi Gras parade where the Dragoons are always well received.  The Dragoons joined the Prattville Chamber of Commerce.  Informational and recruiting booths were manned at the Prattville Cityfest and the gun shows at the Montgomery Shriner's Temple. Dragoons largely comprise the I-65 Flag Committee including Chairman Larry Spears.  Camp 1524 funded donations to the First White House and the Alabama Archives for flag preservation.  School outreach included distribution of AL Division Sesquicentennial educational posters and presenting JROTC Hunley awards.  Confederate cemetery and grave preservation is an important responsibility for the SCV and Dragoon members participated in the Rasberry family cemetery renovations, Prattville Oak Hill Cemetery plat digitization into an Excel spreadsheet file, Larry Miller's continued care for the Dragoon monument at the Prattville Primary School, tree removal at the Mt.Zion Cemetery and mobilization for the renovation of the Prattville Indian Hills cemetery.  Community education and information included annual Robert E. Lee birthday announcements in the local Progress papers and Google ads.  The Dragoons have websites on Google blogspot, Facebook (managed by Quartermaster David Brantley) and Twitter.  1st Lt. Harold Grooms has spearheaded Dragoon camp meeting article submissions to the Prattville Progress. Communications Officer Crowley continues to offer his service as Jefferson Davis including presentations to the Shelby County Historical Society and the UDC.  Of course the annual Christmas Social and camp picnic are highlights of the social calendar.

The annual Dixie butt fundraiser was another success providing funds for the camps numerous activities.  Treasurer Billy Leverette's report enumerated all the projects which were sponsored including the annual $500 Archives donation for historical Confederate flag preservation, Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest advertisements in the local Progress papers as well as and Google ad campaigns.  Expenses for the newspaper publication include printer ink and postage.  A donation was made to the Memphis Citizens to Save our Parks to keep the Charge to defend the Confederate soldiers good name and heritage and preserve the city parks historical monuments and naming.  A donation was also made to the First White House for their latest gasolier preservation project.  Chamber of Commerce membership dues, Cityfest festival space for the Dragoon informational and recruiting table and parade entries and expenses rounded out the report.  Communication Officer Tyrone Crowley's report provided detailed newsletter expense information for the costs of the postage as well as the toner cartridges.  Tyrone again thanked Treasurer Leverette for their generous contribution of a Brother printer and paper which has reduced the potential costs for the camp newsletter publication.  Many members also receive their newsletter electronically thru email which reduces postage costs.  112 copies of the Camp Dispatch are sent every month either by mail or email to members and others.  Tyrone received a round of applause for his hard work creating a great camp newsletter. 

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