Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for March 2014

The following inspirational words were offered by Dragoons Chaplain Tom Snowden in the recent Camp Dispatch for March 2014.

Chaplain’s Column: There Is No Greater Love - John 15:12-14
            Perhaps the most intense love and protective instinct in the experience of mankind is that of parents toward their children. There is little that most mothers or fathers wouldn’t do for a baby. If an automobile posed a threat to the little one, it wouldn’t surprise us if they jumped in front of the moving vehicle without a second thought.
            Wouldn’t you like to be cared for with this kind of intensity? Well…you are. In fact, the Lord’s love toward us is far deeper and more secure than that of even the most caring parent. And what God did for us is proof. Romans 5:8 says that while we were living in disobedience, He sent His only Son to die for us on the cross.
            Think about a father giving up his child for people who choose to rebel against him. What a sacrifice and cost! Jesus's death took the place of the punishment that we deserved. If we accept this gift of salvation and decide to follow God, He no longer sees us as guilty. Instead He justifies us, makes us righteous, and changes our ultimate eternal destiny:  instead of facing an everlasting separation from Him, we will enjoy His presence eternally. Even more, almighty God adopts us as His children forever. Our heavenly Father guides, protects, and counsels us as we walk through life—and promises us that we are secure in Him throughout eternity.
            How incredible that the Creator of the universe would love you and me in this way! I hope all of you who are reading this know and experience the security of His care? The way I see it, gratitude and praise should flow from our hearts. Additionally we should love others deeply out of thankfulness for the love that we have received.
            I have always been amazed at the advice worldly people give to someone who is hurting. “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!” Can you see someone dangling over a cliff, holding on to a rope, and trying to tie a knot? It takes two hands to do that! Well I am just glad we have a powerful loving Father to talk to who encourages us to talk with him in prayer.
            This month we have had a tremendous number of prayer requests. It is so good to know that so many of our members believe in the power of prayer. This encourages me to pray more with love and concern for others who are in need of the Master's healing hands. I hope it will also influence others who are reading this in the same way.
Please pray for the following on our prayer list:
            1. David Brantley’s wife Jennifer                                       2. Allen Herrod
            3. John Durden                                                              4. Cecil Williamson
            5. J. J. Oakley                                                               6. James Whittington
            7. Harry Rawlingon                                                         8. Larry Miller
            9. Stan Stuckey                                                             10. Henry Howard
            11. Pat Goodwin’s Grandchildren                                     12. Brooke Stuart
            13. Mike Whorton’s Wife - Joanie                        14. Wayne Sutherland
            15. Benny Harris’s wife Glenda
Yours In Christ
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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