Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alabama Division I-65 Confederate Battle Flag Report

Former Dragoons Commander Larry Spears is the Chairman of the I-65 Flag Committee and offered the following report in the April edition of the Camp 1524 Dispatch newsletter:

I-65 Flag Site Report - by Larry Spears
            The I-65 Flag Committee and other helpful compatriots have been hard at work lately cleaning the site and making improvements. On Saturday, March 22 we met and cleaned the fence line to enhance the view of the site from Interstate 65, put herbicide on those stumps of undergrowth so they would not harass us again, cleaned up and disposed of trash, put out ant poison, did maintenance on the flagpole and other assorted tasks. The workers this day were Billy Parker, James Spears, Jeffrey Jones and his grandson Trey, Danny Smyth and Larry Spears. Trey turned out to be quite a willing worker and should be a good asset to our camp as a member some day. This was Danny’s first time to assist in work at the site and he was a tremendous benefit to us.
            On Monday, March 25, Danny Smyth and friend Mike Carter, James Spears, Billy Parker and myself gathered for more work. Danny’s friend Mike, who is a potential member, graciously provided his electrical skills to install a new ballast in one of the lights used to illuminate the flag at night. This was no small job to us amateurs but Mike expertly got it connected on the first try. We invited Mike to our picnic social this coming Saturday as our guest and also invited him to a meeting. With Billy Parker’s superb experience with the mechanics of the flag hardware and his guidance we installed a new exterior cable and new retaining rings on the pole and raised another flag. Committee member Alan Parker, a licensed landscaper, will help later in the spring when the vegetation sprouts leaves. He will spray herbicide and do whatever other jobs need doing in his field of expertise.
            I would like to remind us all that there would be no I-65 flag for us to maintain if Past Dragoon Commander and past Division 1st Lt. Commander Wyatt Willis had not used his initiative to get this flag flying back in 2005. The entire Confederation owes him a debt of thanks. Wyatt, we appreciate your unselfish and devoted work to this project!
With cleaned-up fenceline in background,
Trey Jones raises flag with Billy Parker

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