Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Camp Picnic April 2014 - Part 3, Living History

The Prattville Dragoons annual picnic held at the Confederate Memorial Park on April 5th coincided with a Living History encampment providing displays, presentations and even a skirmish reenactment.  Following the flag setting at the cemeteries that morning, many strolled around the grounds of the park to see the presentations.  Drills were taught under the trees with wooden muskets to new recruits.  Period musical instruments including a jaw harp and banjo were played by talented musicians in their period uniforms.  A cannon reverberated thru the woods to the delight of everyone and it was echoed by volleys from the guard drilling next to the church.  Mounted cavalry led by Colonel (and Park Director) Bill Rambo moved thru the park allowing children to pet the horses.  After dinner, a reenactment skirmish was held as the culmination of the days historical educational presentations.  The Living History was held on Friday for hundreds of school children but the Dragoons enjoyed it also as a complement to their annual picnic.
Colonel Rambo Leads the Infantry
Confederate Julie in her Pink Kepi Pets a Horse on the Nose
The Cavalry at the Church in Confederate Memorial Park
Period Musicians Play the Jaw Harp and Banjo
Crowd Learning about the Artillery
Cannon with an Earsplitting Volley
Infantry Drills in the Dogwood and Magnolia Forest
Infantry Musket Volley

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